Double sided beaded malachite necklace

Double sided beaded malachite necklace

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This handcrafted beaded necklace is somethings special. Made of malachite beads, the necklace is essentially a sleeve of malachite that splits into two at the bottom.

We're not sure how the artist made this woman's necklace but we heartily approve. It has a bit of heft as the beads are on both sides, so you you know you are wearing something special. The artist only made one so this is truly a unique and special piece. This is a necklace for a woman that wants a piece of jewelry that is hers alone - she is an individualist.

Some wonderful accessories that would pair well with this necklace include:  symmetrical jade ring, organic jade drop earrings, jade bow earrings and the jade multi-tone beaded bracelet

Details: Double sided beaded malachite necklace in a princess length with hook fastening

Size: Inside length ~ 17" (43 cm)

Material: Malachite

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