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Silver filigree floral ball double stud earrings

Silver filigree floral ball double stud earrings

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Handcrafted by a talented jewelry designer that works in silver, these stunning silver filigree floral ball double stud earrings will capture the attention and the imagination. Both sides have a filigree sphere or orb with one side being larger at ~ 0.5" and the other side smaller with a small point at the end. The artist's skill in filigree work shines through with the delicate floral patterns.

These are something special and we were only able to get two earring sets from this talented designer.  For the woman who appreciates beautiful, handcrafted jewelry and wants her pieces to be unique - these are earrings for the individualist.

Details: Silver filigree floral ball double stud earrings with a larger orb on one side and a smaller one that comes to a point on the other. Made of sterling silver. For those concerned about weight, these silver drop earrings are light.

Size: Diameter of larger orb: ~ .5" (1.3 cm) 

Material: Sterling silver 

Interested in learning more about this beautiful metal? This post has a bit of the history on this metal with tips on keeping it shining, and how to tell if it is the real deal. Hint, sterling silver is definitely the real deal.

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